Laura Sfiligoi

Fashion is one of my biggest passion. It comes from my Grandmother Carla, that was incredibly passionate about tissues, bags, accessories. She was able to transform an old sweater into a wonderful scarf, and she taught me to value every single garment I have. Nothing was wasted.

Times are pushing for a more sustainable fashion. But what if we just go back to our Grandparents times, and value every single item we have, as if it was a treasure?

We should all learn to fall in love again with our garments, and keep them as goods to pass on.

I am concerned about the pollution caused by our new buy-use-waste habits, that are creating tons and tons of garbage. It is really sad to see that one of my biggest passions, is also one of the most polluting industries in the world. This blog is made for people like me, that love fashion, and want to find out how it is possible to be sustainable.

Through fashion, we express ourselves. When we buy, we make a choice.

I want to explore all the possibilities available to be fashionably-sustainable. Through interviews with brands that apply circular economy to their business model, by adding some tips that can help acting sustainably and, above all, by changing my habits.

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